Peer-Reviewed Publications

Journal Articles

(2020). Expressives and the multi-modal depiction of social types in Mundari. Language and Society. 49(3):379-398. (PDF)

(2020). From Transcript to Trans-script : Romanized Santali across semiotic media. Signs in Society 8(1) : 62-92. (PDF)

(2019) w/ Nathan Badenoch and Madhu Purti. Expressives as Moral Propositions in Mundari. Indian Linguistics 80(1-2) : 1-17. (PDF)

(2018) Script as constellation among Munda speakers: the case of Santali. South Asian History and Culture 9(1) : 92-115. Special issue on script and politics in South Asia.  (PDF)

(2017)  From language to script: graphic practice and the politics of authority in Santali language media, eastern India. Modern Asian Studies 51(5): 1519-1560. (PDF)

(2015) Surface politics: scaling multiscriptality in an Indian village market. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 25(1): 1-24. (PDF)

(2014) Scripting the border: script practices and territorial imagination among  Santali speakers in eastern India. International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Special issue on Borders and Languages 2014(227): 47-63. (PDF)

(2004) An Austin snapshot : a nine week ethnography of a far west side community Perspectives on civic activism and civic life. 3:1-13.


Book Chapters

(2019) Pragmatics of script.  In Jef Verschuren and Jan-Ola Ostman. Handbook of Pragmatics. Amsterdam : John Benjamins, pp. 181-198. (PDF)

(2016) w/ Barbra Meek. Theorizing salience: orthographic practice and the enfigurement of minority languages. In Anna Babel, ed. Awareness and control in sociolinguistic research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

(2015) Charting the multiple scripts of Santali: notes toward a visual history of adivasi languages and literatures. In G.N. Devy, Geoffrey Davis, and K.K. Chakravarty, eds. Performing identities : celebrating indigeneity in the arts. New Delhi: Routledge. (PDF)


Book reviews/Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

(2018) Translated media, trans-regional encounters : Experiencing India in the Laos highlands.  Center for Southeast Asian Studies (Kyoto University) Newsletter, No. 76 [LINK]

(2017) Expressives in Hindi film song (ヒンディー語映画音楽における感情語) in Journal of Indian Folklore Research (印度民俗研究) 16 :  [in Japanese] [PDF]

(2017) Book review. Language, migration and identity : neighborhood talk in Indonesia by Zane Goebel.  Southeast Asian Studies 6(3) : p. 560-563.  [PDF]

(2015) Toward a typology of concern: a renalysis of the ethical dative in relation to possession. Tokyo University Linguistic Papers 36: 1-14. [PDF]

(2014) Book review. Ethnography, superdiversity and linguistic landscapes : chronicles of complexity by Jan Blommaert. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 24(1) : p. 102-104. [PDF]

(2006) Tejgadh agendas New Quest : a quarterly journal of participative inquiry (Pune, India) 163:28-32.


Translations-Course Manuals

(2015) w/ Madhu Purti, Toshiki Osada and Nathan Badenoch. A course in Mundari.  Tokyo: University of Tokyo/Kotoba Books [PDF]

(2009)  Tribal literature of Gujarat (documentation and translation). Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages.  [in English and Gujarati] [PDF]