Assistant Professor
Humanities and Social Sciences (Anthropology)


Office: Academic Block 4, Office 333/B
Address: Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar,
Palaj, Near GIFT City,
Gandhinagar 382055


PhD. (2014), Linguistic Anthropology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
M.A. (2009), University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
B.A. (2004), Anthropology and International Studies, University of Chicago

Research Interests

My training is in linguistic anthropology, and my research areas include the study of script and writing systems, language and performance, the aesthetic component of language, and the cultural politics of heritage.   I examine these themes mainly with respect to the situation of Adivasi communities of India, with whom I have been conducting ethnographic research for almost two decades.  My ongoing field projects include work with Bhili speakers in eastern Gujarat, Mundari speakers in Jharkhand, and Santali speakers in West Bengal.   I am seeking to expand my research area through collaborative research projects to northeast India and neighboring Southeast Asian countries as well.